My Name is Kevin Smith

I’m a Professional Drone Pilot

Modern developments in cameras have taken the real estate industry to all new heights. Thanks to drones the world wide web we can now view these video and photos from anywhere and anytime. I offer a wide variety of High Definition Video & Photography but we specialize in dynamic aerial video, HD images, interior tours, website & social media promotion, & motion graphics.

Real Estate

Showcase your real estate and give your customers a birds eye view at their property and neighborhood. Help close on your property today!


Festivals, weddings, conventions, trade shows, Concerts, pep rallies – give your customer unique view and experience of your amazing event.

Hotels & Resorts

Hotels, resorts, wedding destinations, spas, getaways… Show your potential customers what they are really missing with a perspective unlike any other.

Reach New Heights…Hire a Drone Specialist Today!

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